Who Is Colita Café?

Who Is Colita Café?

Coffee is enjoyed by people all over the world in one form or another. Whether you like your coffee black, with cream and sugar, or as a half caff, light foam, soy milk, heavy lite whip, there is a coffee house near you willing to make it to your exact specifications. With that being said, one of the major factors that can make or break your favourite coffee drink is the quality of the coffee bean itself. No matter how talented your barista is, or how good you are at making your own coffee specialties at home, without a quality bean, your coffee will fall flat.

The Best Coffee, Guaranteed

     This is where Colita Café comes in. With the global coffee market saturated with coffee growers, roasters, and suppliers, it can be challenging to know where to find the best coffee. We’re talking rich flavour, deep aromas, and a smooth, satisfying finish. It’s these aspects of quality coffee that sets Colita Café apart from the rest.

High End Specialist Colombian Coffee Beans

     Colita Café is a global B2B and B2C coffee distributor specialising in importing high end specialist Colombian Coffee beans. By offering hand selected coffee beans from some of the most reputable farms, Colita Café has not only taken premium coffee global, but they have taken it to another level altogether. With offices based in Colombia and China, Colita Café has made it their mission to provide their specialty coffee to customers around the world.

Our Beans

     To ensure the highest quality coffee beans, our team of coffee experts goes straight to our local Colombian farms where we hand select every batch of green coffee beans before custom roasting them for our customers. The farms we source our beans from have generations of coffee producing experience. These are farmers who are passionate about the coffee they grow and who take the time to ensure that every plant in every annual harvest is grown to exacting specifications with care, clean water, and plenty of sunshine. They share many of the same beliefs as we do as well as our vision for producing and distributing ethically produced coffee with fair trade policies.

Contact Colita Café

     To learn more about Colita Café, contact us today and shop our extensive selection of the world’s finest coffees.

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