Working From Home And The Need For High-Quality Coffee

Working From Home And The Need For High-Quality Coffee

The newly established work from home (WFH) culture has liberated us from the confine of offices and other workplaces while keeping us safe during the pandemic. With some minor adjustments and a lot of coffee, people are able to maintain high productivity and continue adopting desirable corporate culture from their home. However, for today’s work from home workforce, just any old coffee won’t do. Today’s high stress, high intensity business environment requires specialty coffee. The kind that is hand sourced from eco-friendly farms and that is roasted carefully to ensure every bit of flavour is released from the bean. The kind of specialty coffee you get from Colita Café.

     Colita Café is a specialty coffee roaster/retailer offering some of the world’s finest coffee designed for true coffee lovers. With 4 distinct types of coffee beans, Colita Café can create a specialty blend for the way you work. From their Pink Bourbon with its balanced, dry, astringent flavour featuring floral and rose notes, which make it citric, floral, and sweet, or the Geisha Honey, which is a sweet, silky coffee with notes of orange, honey, and tangerine, to Colita Café’s Castillo Coffee with its soft body acidity and notes of lemongrass and caramel flavour, Colita Café has a coffee blend for you. If you need something strong with a rich, bold flavour and a nice crema, try Colita Café’s Supremo which offers sweetness, acidity, and a heady nutty aroma.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits of high quality, specialty coffee for today’s work from home (WFH) culture:

Stay Alert And Productive- coffee is a mild stimulant that gives a constant effect with regular consumption. When consumed moderately, coffee ensures positive effects to make business professionals stay productive. High quality coffee makes them have increased concentration and alertness. After lunch, a cup of coffee could negate drowsiness and they can keep on working. When the effect starts to wear off after a few hours, you can get another cup. However, it is important to avoid getting too much caffeine, because it may reduce productivity and cause jitteriness.

Improve Learning Ability- by drinking coffee regularly, you can absorb new information faster and retain it longer. Based on a study, two cups of coffee can help your brain process information better and improve memory retention. When you are alert, it is easier to pick up information. It is possible to reduce forgetfulness over the 24 hours period with moderate consumption of high-quality coffee. Better cognitive performance also contributes to improved productivity.

Improve Employee Socialisation- while working at home, co-workers can have regular coffee breaks. Through Zoom or other video conferencing platforms, you can agree to have regular sessions for casual conversations. This short session could break down social barriers. It will be easier to catch up with latest updates and make some quick plans together.

Reduce Discomfort- regular caffeine consumption could help ease discomfort due to prolonged work in front of the computer. Coffee drinkers are less likely to experience muscle and joint discomfort, so they can stay productive longer. However, it is advisable to stand up, stretch and do some light exercise after working for an hour or more non-stop.  

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